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Recap: Episode 6 of BET’s Sunday’s Best Season 3

Sunday's Best Season 3

The top 10 contenders were chosen and I am excited….already can’t wait until Sunday to see them do what they do best. It was a very interesting night….let’s do a quick recap..

The performance by Kurt Carr was amazing!! Did you enjoy it?

First up…from Indianapolis was Missy Augustine singing “How Great Is Our God”. Donnie, was quite candid in his opinion, letting her know that her voice is not mature enough, he felt that her performance overall was not captivating. Ouch!! Yolanda said, “You looked the your notes..the confidence and the notes”.

Second up, was Mr. Orlando..D. Wright!! I thought he was pretty good. Yolanda, seemed to enjoy it, she said, “You are annointed you love to praise God and it shows”. Donnie, “I love your confidence” and Tina noted, “We definitely gonna see you came out and owned that stage”. I knew he would be a top contender!

Third up, Brittany Dear. I thought she seemed so nervous. Donnie and Tina agreed. She had a very good audition so I am hoping she move forward.

Next, David Wilfred, from Newark, NJ. Now this man can sing!! Donnie said, “David, if you could do that in 60 seconds, you kept control, you really did bless him”. But I think Yolanda said it best, when she said, “I loved the look, you convinced me that you bless the Lord not only for Sunday’s Best but at home”.

Tiffany Carlin-Laird, from Baton Rouge. I really liked her, a real force to reckon with. Her performance was effortless. Yolanda said, “You rocked it..I LOVE IT..I LOVE IT I LOVE IT”

Dathan Thigpen, who is married and has a baby boy on the way. He sung “Holy Holy Holy” Donnie simply said, “You literally just sang your heart to God”. You could really see the anointing in this young man of God.

Next, Ms. Martha Buries. I think I enjoyed her the most so far. She sung, “Our God is Awesome God”. Tina said, “When you came down the stairs, it is something about your voice that just captured me”. Donnie and Yolanda enjoyed it as well.

Next, Chicago’s own, Brian Smith. Tina summed it up best when she said, “Brother you got IT”.

Bethany Divine from Arkansas, kind of let me down. I was expecting so much more from her. The judges all agreed she could do better.

Vernell Payton, Jr. was last. He auditioned in 3 different states, and finally made it. He sung, “ Praise is what I do”. I have to be honest I got some disturbing comments about Mr. Payton from a few of my readers. I don’t know what to say, I hope they are not true. But Yolanda noted, I think you gave a voice but we are looking for who you are”. Tina, I think gave a critical observation when saying, “It was something that didn’t connect for me”. Donnie agreed.

Finally the 10 contenders were announced!! Can’t wait to see them next week!!

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