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Sunday’s Best Recap: Season 4 Episode 4

Sunday Best Season 4

Smokie Norful opened up the show singing “Sunday Morning Medley” from his new CD. He certainly got everyone up on their feet! Now on to the contestants…

Remember last week everyone was blown away by Michael Pugh’s performance of “I won’t complain”. Who blew you away this week?

First up was twenty eight year old Cincinnati resident, Isaiah Freeman IV, singing “My Life Is In Your Hands.” The judges loved him. Erica felt his sound had a Fred Hammond kind of sound to it. I think he did good.

Next up was Annalisha Robbins singing “The Battle Is Not Yours.” She didn’t do bad, but I wish she would have put a little bit more into it. She seemed a bit nervous. Donnie said he want her to just “relax a little”.

Now, twenty two year old Tennessee resident, Roosevelt Griffin singing “Total Praise.” I don’t know if it was the song choice or what, but this performance wasn’t that good to me. He did okay. Tina didn’t like that there was no shock value by him staying at that high range and not building up to it. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews on this performance. What do you think?

Next up, Sue Roseberry from Midland, TX singing “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow”. She is grandmother of 15! I loved her performance! Felt like I was sitting in someone church! She got a standing ovation and ummhh yeah, she deserved it!

Eric Drew, from Los Angeles was next singing “The Presence Of The Lord Is Here.” I know they have a short time up there but for some reason his performance felt rushed to me. I mean there is no question in my mind that he can sing, it was just moving fast and I didn’t get a “wow” factor. The judges weren’t impressed either.

Next up, another Midland, TX resident, Felecia Russell. She sung “Encourage Yourself”. Like the judges, I thought she could do more. The girl has some vocals on her but just needs to let her confidence shine through.

Then Quentin Bethea from Charlotte, NC. Tina felt like his nerves got the best of him. He had some pitch problems but I hope to see him back. I love the fact that he continued to try out and finally made it to the top 20.

Next up was Timesha Sampson from Memphis, singing “There Is No Way I Can Live Without You.” I think she kind of oversung the song. I agree with Erica, it just seemed like it was all over the place.

There was then Brian Ezra Bates, from Alabama! He seemed excited and nervous at the same time! The judges pretty much felt the same way.

Finally, there was thirty year old Monica Smith from Alabama, singing “Silver & Gold” ! She was awesome! She is definitely confident in her abilities and there is no doubt she is going to bring it in this competition!

The judges couldn’t decide on a top 10 so they chose 9 and then will have 3 that will battle for the 10th spot!

The Top Nine are..

1. Amber Bullock
2. Michael Pugh
3. Isaiah Freeman
4. Monica Smith
5. Michael Washington
6. Andrea Helms
7. Carlington Roberts
8. Sue Roseberry
9. Felecia Russell

And the three singers that will compete for the 10th spot are:

1. Timesha Sampson
2. Latrice Smith
3. Shanandolan Reynolds

Check out the full episode right here:

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