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Sunday Best Recap: Season 4 Episode 5

Sunday Best Season 4

William McDowell or better yet the audience sung “I Give Myself Away”, which is one of my favorite songs. You can check out the performance below and let me know what you think, I will refrain from making comments on it. On to the contestants..

First up was the battle with three contestants,Shanandolan Reynolds (whom I think have an uncanny resemblance to Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell),Latrice Smith, and Timesha Sampson singing “Jesus Loves Me”, to vie for the tenth spot.

Michael Pugh is the first contestant to grace the stage. What can I say? He is simply amazing. I am not sure what other words to use to describe his voice. He just sings so smoothly, effortlessly, just awesome!

Next up was Andrea Helms, with a very emotional performance of Mary Mary’s Yesterday. She really puts her heart into her singing. Donnie McClurkin felt that her performance was “perfect” as far as he was concerned.

Isaiah Freeman, IV, singing All I Need.I think he did a good job, but I wish he would have did a bit more. But overall good job, I think the performance was a bit reminiscent of a Boyz II Men performance.

Next..Sue Roseberry aka Mama Sue! I love me some Mama Sue! She takes me to church everytime! She had the entire audience on their feet! And she danced on the stage, you have to check out that performance! The judges love her and so do I!

Monica Smith..she is a good performer. I love the raspy sound of her voice, it is unique.

Check out the full episode below :

Note: There is an issue with the video skipping during the singing battle but the rest of the video is fine! (Hey don’t blame me, blame BET)

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