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Bloomberg backs ban on NYC churches in public schools

Although New York City’s Department of Education oftentimes rents space from local churches and other religious organizations, the city’s education department has evicted more than 60 congregations because of its policy banning worship services in public schools.

This past Sunday was the last day that several dozen churches were allowed to hold worship services in public schools.

Pastors are now scrambling to find a place for their congregations to come together to worship.

Many of the churches have been huge contributors to the schools, donating air conditioners, painting, contributing to after school programs, encouraging adult literacy and more.

At a press conference on Monday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his city’s ban on worship services in public schools.

“I’ve always thought that one of the great things about America is that we keep a separation between church and state,” stated Bloomberg.

He then continued, “And the more clear that separation is, the more those people who want to be able to practice their religion will have the opportunity to do so.”

In the meantime, the affected churches have asked a federal judge for a new injunction that would allow them to continue meeting in schools.

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