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Sunday’s Best Recap [Episode 9]: And the final two are…..

So this week’s Sunday’s Best episode, certainly did not disappoint. It started off with an awesome performance from the wonderful Clark Sisters as well as a performance by the wonderful Kiera Sheard!

In case you haven’t been keeping up, this season had some of the best singers EVER! The judges definitely had a best of the best to choose from, and last week they windled the group down to the top 4: Michael Lampkin, Joshua Rogers, Denetra Moore, and Alexis Speight.

Now let’s recap the performances.

First up was Denetra Moore, singing her own version of “Jesus will work it out”. As always she did great. Although the judges agree that her voice is amazing, Donnie McClurkin noted that there were a few mistakes during the performance. CeCe said that she just wanted her to be a little relaxed while Moore’s biggest fan, Yolanda Adams, simply loved everything from head to toe. Adams even called the performance “impeccable”. Overall I thought she did good, she definitely can SANG!!!

Next up, Pastor Michael Lampkin sung “Awesome God” by Fred Hammond. Now, I love his voice! And lucky for him the judges did too! CeCe proclaimed “..You know how to have church…Great Job!” Yolanda was delighted by Lampkin’s ability to master the “art and science of singing”. Overall he did great. McClurkin said “I love that you enjoyed it”, however he did note that it was a moment where Pastor Lampkin saved himself when he got lost in the words.

Alexis Speight was up next doing Kim Burrell’s “Calvary”. Now this was a very bold move and Kim Burrell definitely did not make it any easier when coaching Speight on the vocals. But somehow Speight seemed unnerved and ultimately, NAILED it! Her performance gained Kudos from all three judges and as a special bonus even Kim Burrell gave her a “two thumbs up”! Well done!

And finally, eighteen year old Joshua Rogers shined his vocals in singing “Well Done” by Deitrick Haddon. It is easy to see the anointing on this young man. He seems so humble and it is easy why he has become a fan favorite. The judges agreed that his performance was “well done”. McClurkin even said “I couldn’t be prouder of you than if you were my own son”.

All were great but unfortunately only two could stay to wow us away next week.

And the final two are:

Joshua Rogers and Alexis Speight!!

Congratulations, can’t wait to tune in next week!!