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Rejoice and Shout: An in-depth look into the roots of black gospel

Rejoice and Shout
Rejoice and Shout, is a documentary feature about the evolution of black gospel music over a 200 year span. This is an amazing documentary on African American Christianity, focusing on the earlier days filled with spirituals and hymns to the modern day inclusion of urban hip hop elements.

The film closely focuses on more than a dozen artists, including Mahalia Jackson, Andrae Crouch, The Clara Ward Singers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Golden Gate Quartet, The Staple Singers, and Reverend James Cleveland.

Rejoice and Shout also allows greats interviews with some of gospel’s leading authorities such as Anthony Heilbut, Jacquie Gales Webb, Bill Carpenter and Smokey Robinson.

This film really gives you an opportunity to learn about the roots of gospel music. I guarantee that no matter what age, race, or religion you are, this documentary will definitely move you to a point you never knew existed.

About the Director

Don McGlynn, 55, has made more than a dozen musical documentaries since his first film in 1982: “Art Pepper: Notes from a Jazz Survivor.” McGlynn currently lives in Denmark with his wife and children. In a recent interview, McGlynn recalled that he was first introduced to gospel as a young boy when he saw Mahalia Jackson on television.

“Then I started seeking it out more in particular,” McGlynn added. “Among the greatest shows I’ve ever seen and certainly the most intense show I ever saw was James Cleveland with his choir (in the early 1980s). I literally thought the walls were gonna come down, it was so intense!”

McGlynn, coupled with producer Joe Lauro’s collection of more than 20,000 individual musical performances, which ran more than 10,000 hours long, was able to bring us a never before seen look into a part of history that yearns to be embraced.

Rejoice and Shout has received rave reviews from critics across the nation. Be sure to support this documentary and check it out as it comes near you. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of the 1960s footage of the Staples Singers. So I say, thank you Mr. McGlynn.

Check out the trailer for Rejoice and Shout below:

The list of play dates are as follows:

On Screen

Hudson, NY: Time and Space Limited
Denver, CO: Denver Film Center/Colfax
Arlington, MA: Regent Theatre
Chicago, IL: Lawndale Cinemas 10
Los Angeles, CA: Royal
Little Rock, AR: Market Street Cinema
Edina, MN: Edina 4


Santa Fe, NM: CCA Cinematheque

Bellingham, WA: Pickford Film Center 3

Juneau, AK: Gold Town Nickelodeon

Huntington, NY: Cinema Arts Centre

Miami, FL: O Cinema

Hartford, CT: Real Art Ways Cinema
Shreveport, LA: Robinson Film Center 2

Norfolk, VA: Naro Expanded Cinema

Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Cinema
Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Cinematheque

Henderson, NC: Marketplace Cinema 6

Permbroke HM19, BM: Tradewinds Auditorium at the Bermuda Underwater