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Recap: Episode 7 of BET’s Sunday’s Best Season 3

Sunday's Best Season 3

Each singer got to sing their song of choice. Judging tonight was Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, and filling in for Tina, was Kim Burrell. Coming from New Orleans!

Kim Burrell served as mentor. First up was Brian Smith. He sung “I won’t Complain”. I thought he had a good performance, I just wanted a bit more. I love the bow tie though. The judges liked him. Yolanda just want him to give a bit more before he get audience participation.

Orlando Wright, YES!! He sung, “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”. I thought he did a good job taking control of the song. I felt like I was at church. He was believable.

Next up, they chose a wildcard from the 10 contestants that were not chosen last week. And the winner was…..

Martha Burries. I am glad about that!! She sung..I am sorry but she SUNG “Changed”. GREAT WildCard pick!!! Donnie, “The anointing has filled the room”. She was grea

Franklin Davis IV. He sung Kirk Franklin’s, “Savior, More than Life to Me”. Kim and Yolanda felt like he was concentrating a bit too much. But all felt that his voice is beautiful.

Dathan Thigpen, with his handsome self was up next. He sung Donnie McClurkin’s, “Speak to My Heart” . Donnie, said he loved the presentation of it. Yolanda said, “Your phenomenal”. They loved him and I did to. We will be seeing him next week..No question!

Tawanna Tarvin singing my favorite song, “Now behold the lamb”. She did a good job as well. It was a bit more screaming then I would like. I agreed with Donnie totally, who thought that she lost herself in the middle of the song.

Durward Davis was up next. He has a very strong voice!! He got me out of my seat! The judges couldn’t help but love him, I know I did.

Next up, LeeAndria Johnson. Her song choice was testimony of her life. She sung, “He was there all the time!”. She changed the song up and did an awesome job.

Three more to go..let’s go.,

David Wilford, sung “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. It was really laid back. Donnie liked the smoothness, both him and Yolanda thought it was given just right. Kim Burrell felt that he made her want to sing, and she did (just a little bit though).

Tiffany Carlin-Laird, sung “I Need Thee Every Hour”. I loved it!!!!! All the judges loved her!! Kim Burrell said, she made the competition look good!!

Elder Goldwire McLendon, said he just wait for the Lord to work through him!! Say What!! I LOVE HIM!! I LOVE HIM!! He sung “Yes Jesus Loves Me”. He is without a doubt my favorite, I know I know I shouldn’t say it!! But I have to be honest! Donnie sung, just like last time, it is like Elder McClendon’s anointing touches him!! What can I say….He brings out the best in the judges!! Yolanda said, “All I see is a man full of the Holy Ghost!!”. Donnie started preaching again!! I love it!!

Unfortunately, not all made it..those who we will see next week are..

Martha Burries, Tiffany Carlin-Laird, Dathan Thigpen, Duward Davis, Brian Smith, Elder Goldwire McClendon, LeeAndria Johnson, are staying.

See you all back here next week!!

Recap: Episode 5 of BET’s Sunday’s Best Season 3

Sunday's Best Season 3

Episode 5 started off with Donnnie McClurkin, Isaac Carree, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, and Tina Campbell, singing Kirk Franklin’s infamous tribute to Haiti, “Are You Listening?”
Tonight, 10 of 20 finalists performed, the other 10 will perform next week. For the most part, the contestants sang one of the judges it made it very interesting. So here we go let’s get down to business..

First up was Johntae Thomas from New Orleans. She sung, “Just a Prayer away”, I liked her..wasn’t a big fan of the new rendition, but she can definitely sing. Donnie loved the creativity, enjoyed the presentation. Tina wished it was a little more stage presence, Yolanda Adams agreed with Tina and Donnie, and noted that Johntae looked happy.

Next, LeeAndria Johnson, from Orlando, Florida. Yolanda says the way she delivered the song “..We know that you have been through some things”. Tina said “Baby, the God in you reached the God in me!!” Donnie, said the anointing that she carried came through. They loved her…and so did I!!

Robert Hatcher, from Cincinatti Ohio, sung “What about the children”…. Yolanda Adams said he has an awesome voice, but he came across a bit nervous. Tina said his voice is awesome but he played it to safe. Donnie agreed.

Tawanna Tarwin, from Louisianna was up next. “I will trust you”. Donnie, the voice is phenomenal, she had control. Tina Campbell said listening to her snippet would make her want to buy the song. Yolanda, said “Control, Presence, The whole package!”.

Davon Fleming, 18, from Baltimore, MD. He sung “We Fall Down”. Donnie said he loved the approach but noted that there is a lot of maturation that is going to happen with your voice. Yolanda..wants him to practice the intent of the note. Tina said she didn’t believe him based on his eyes in the beginning, he has to make her feel his passion so she can appreciate the song more. I agree..but he is young and I think if he is starting from the point he is at now..he can’t go nowhere but UP!!

Quiana Pettigrew, from Cleveland, Ohio, sung “Great is your mercy”. Donnie loved the approach, (his song). Tina, vocally, she needed more out of her she didn’t feel like she gave the best of her. Yolanda, agreed, saying give more of you. I thought it fell a little flat but I know in my heart that she got more to give..hope to see more of her.

Next up, the preacher’s kid, Franklin Davis IV, from New Orleans. He want to bring more swagger to gospel music. He sung, “I believe I can fly”. I really liked his take on the song. The judges didn’t seem to be a big fan. While Yolanda said she thinks he is great, she want him to smile a little more. Tina, said she wasn’t really impressed with him vocally. Donnie, didn’t enjoy the notes that he missed, he have to get more confidence.

From Lagos, Funmi Grace Odeyemi, sung “Open up My heart”. I didn’t really like it. I still remember her from the audition when Kim Burrell got her to bring it..but tonight..she didn’t really bring it. Yolanda Adams, said don’t be so careful, feel free, be comfortable in who you are. Donnie, said “You look wonderful, your voice did not match your look”. Ouch!! Tina felt she might have let your nerves get the best of her.

Now…Dward Davis. His performance of Donnie McClurkin’s “Hail Jesus Your My King”. felt like I was at church..he did a great job. Tina said “He made her interested”. She liked everything about it”. Donnie, “You sung the song like I wanted to sing it”. Yolanda, “You came to work, did the work looked the part and the anointing was all over you.” I completely agree. Can’t wait to see more of him.

Oh my..what can I say..I wasn’t ready for this next performance. I really enjoyed his audition but had forgot how awesome he was. Elder Goldwire McClendon was next. He is 79 years old and has been singing every since he was 9 years old. He sung “The Battle is Not Yours”” MY God, My God, My GOD!!!!!!! He got a standing ovation from all 3 judges…and ME at home!!! Yolanda (speaking with tears in her eyes), said “I want to thank you for coming and auditioning”. Donnie….couldn’t do anything but holler..then he turned around and….gave a preaching about Joshua with it…they went to Church in that place!! And all I could say is WINNER..WINNER…. WINNER. Kirk was crying..even coming back from commercial people in the audience were still in tears. What more can I say?

At the end, there was a special treat, a performance by Sunday’s Best Season 2 winner, Y’anna Crawley. She sung her single “Grandma’s Hands”…She looked and sounded great, as always!!! Talk to you next week!! God Bless!!

Book Review: Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose by Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams Points of Power

About the book

Yolanda Adams has really done a good deed with this book. Those who listen to The Yolanda Adams Morning Show knows that every morning on the show, Yolanda gives what she calls “Points of Power”. Simply stated, a point of power is what she refers to as a quick study to guide you and help you understand the great love God has for you. For me, her “Points of Power” have provided a powerful mechanism of inspiration to start off my morning and continue to put into perspective and practice throughout my day. I was so excited to hear about the release of Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose because I knew that it would be a good reference of inspiration for many people.

Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose is one of the best inspirational books I have read. Reading the book was almost like a daily trip to bible study. What I like most about the book is that it does not simply state a inspirational message, but goes much further by giving specific biblical and real life examples about how the Point of Power was put into practice, allowing you to realize the power of God’s words. Yolanda Adams then further engages the reader by providing “10 Pensive Points” and a “Point of Prayer” at the end of each point given, so that you can reflect on and realize how God’s power and word’s affect your own life. How awesome is that? It is an ideal read for those who seek encouragement and inspiration or just want to grow in their understanding of the power of God’s words. I hope you take the time to purchase this book for yourself or for someone you love. God bless!!

You can purchase a copy of Points of Power: Discover a Spirit-Filled Life of Joy and Purpose by CLICKING HERE.

Yolanda Adams Health and Wellness Tour comes to PGCC

Yolanda Adams Health and Wellness tour made their way to Prince George’s Community College yesterday and the AARP-sponsored event was great!! Radio Personalities Cheryl Jackson and Winston Chaney were the hosts, and there were performances by some stellar award winning gospel artists.

There were doctors and nurses there conducting blood pressure checks, answering questions about dental health, and even performing gum disease checks. Community representatives were there to go over breast cancer awareness, sickle cell disease, emergency preparedness, YMCA children activities, and more. It was really an informative event and I highly recommend that you check it out if they come to a location near you. Check out photos from the event below (including pics of Earnest Pugh, Byron Cage and more)!!

Below are a few upcoming dates for the tour, mark your calendar:

Date: June 5, 2010
Time: 12pm-5pm

Greenspoint Mall
12300 IH-45 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77060

Date: July 17, 2010
Time: 12pm-5pm

St. Philip AME Church
240 Candler Rd. SE
Atlanta GA 30317

Praise 104.1 represented well at the event!!
Praise 104.1

People stood in line waiting for the doors to open!! It was such a beautiful day outside!
Yolanda Adams Health and Wellness Tour

Radio Personality Winston was co-host for the event!!
Cliff Winston

Winston takes time out to talk to and take pictures with fans! He was sooooooo nice.
Cliff Winston
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Yolanda Adams Performs at the White House

Gospel Artist and radio host Yolanda Adams performed at the White House this past week. Check out her stellar performance at the White House Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement!

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